Mobile Vet Geelong FAQ

Does your mobile vet visit patients located outside Geelong?

Yes we do. In addition to Geelong, Dr Trevor Brown makes house calls to nearby areas including Lara, Torquay and Leopold with no charge for travel. House calls can also be made to regional destinations including Little River, the Bellarine Peninsula (Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads) and Winchelsea, however these visits might incur a travel fee which Dr Brown will discuss when making your appointment.

Isn’t it more expensive to have a mobile vet make a house call than coming into a traditional vet clinic?

Not at all! Mobile Vet Geelong prices are comparable with the average visit to a veterinary clinic.

Are you able to carry out surgical procedures during a home visit?

After a thorough examination or after a telephone consultation, our Geelong veterinary surgeon might decide minor procedures are necessary. These can include desexing, soft tissue surgery and animal ophthalmology. We can perform minor procedures on site or can organise treatment in a veterinary surgery.

I have more than one pet. Are you able to treat all of them during the one visit?

Absolutely. Dr Brown is able to spend time with each of your pets as needed. This may involve a quick annual health check followed by a more thorough evaluation where there are concerns about a particular pet. Dr Brown is the Geelong veterinarian for flea treatments, worming and tick prevention and more.