Veterinary surgical services, Geelong

For the services of a skilled and professional Geelong veterinary surgeon in your own home, contact Mobile Vet Geelong.

Dr Trevor Brown provides general surgical services for your pets, including:

Dr Brown’s Geelong veterinary service also includes pet euthanasia and cremation.


Most pet owners are happy to desex their pets. Unplanned breeding results in more than 160 000 animals being taken in to RSPCA shelters across Australia. The number of unwanted animals born this way is no doubt much higher as statistics do not include those that end up at other shelters or rescue facilities. Apart...
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Animal ophthalmology involves the care of eyes and the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases in all types of animals including dogs, cats, birds, horses and livestock. Dr Brown suggests contacting him and his team at Mobile Vet Geelong to book an eye evaluation if you notice any of the following symptoms in your pet’s...
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Soft Tissue

Dr Trevor Brown and his Mobile Vet Geelong clinic can carry out minimally invasive soft tissue surgery at your home, negating the need to take your pet away from its familiar surroundings and into a veterinary clinic. Desexing is the most common reason your pet would need to have soft tissue surgery carried out by...
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