Desexing, Geelong

Most pet owners are happy to desex their pets. Unplanned breeding results in more than 160 000 animals being taken in to RSPCA shelters across Australia. The number of unwanted animals born this way is no doubt much higher as statistics do not include those that end up at other shelters or rescue facilities.

Apart from unwanted litters, there are well-established health, behavioural and cost benefits to desexing dogs and desexing cats as well as other companion animals. These benefits include:

  • A reduced risk of cancer or other diseases affecting reproductive organs
  • Reducing the suffering to female animals where they are continually breeding. They can become physically and nutritionally exhausted
  • Reducing territorial and anti-social behaviours such as spraying indoors and fighting with other animals
  • Spaying female cats eliminates the “heat” cycle, reducing the desire to roam to search for a mate
  • Neutering male dogs reduces and can often eliminate anti-social behaviour such as “humping”
  • No food or vet bills for unwanted litters
  • No need to spend time finding new homes/shelters for unwanted litters.

Desexing male dogs and desexing female dogs can be carried out at your home. This affordable service takes away the need to pack your pet into the car, drive them to a veterinary clinic and leave them there to await surgery. Being removed from familiar surroundings can be a stressful event for companion animals which is only exacerbated when treatment or surgery is needed as well.

Whether for desexing or dental care, Mobile Vet Geelong is the vet clinic that comes to you.