Animal ophthalmology, Geelong

Animal ophthalmology involves the care of eyes and the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases in all types of animals including dogs, cats, birds, horses and livestock.

Dr Brown suggests contacting him and his team at Mobile Vet Geelong to book an eye evaluation if you notice any of the following symptoms in your pet’s eyes:

  • Redness or blood shoot eyes
  • Cloudiness
  • Increased tearing or discharge
  • Scratching or pawing of the eyes or holding them closed.

Dog ophthalmology and cat ophthalmology can be safely carried out in your pet’s familiar home surrounding, decreasing the stress that is often experienced during examinations and treatments at other veterinary clinics.

For all other concerns regarding your pets, call Dr Brown to organise a home visit. Our Geelong veterinary services include animal dermatologyvet pathology and treatment of allergies, and treatment of arthritis in dogs.