Vet pathology, Geelong

Dr Trevor Brown can carry out clinical veterinary pathology on the spot at your home if necessary. Clinical pathology investigations can include evaluation of blood, bodily fluids or tissue which will allow us to identify an existing disease, to monitor the effectiveness of any current treatments or to check on the progression of an existing disease. Clinical vet pathology will also allow us to check internal organs that cannot be properly evaluated during a physical examination.

The most common laboratory tests we would carry out include:

  • Hematology including blood chemistries, complete blood counts and blood clotting times
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Immunology
  • Urinalysis
  • Faecal testing
  • Biopsy examinations
  • Diagnostic cytology.

Our mobile veterinary service allows us to carry out clinical pathology without the need to take the pet or animal from their home into a clinic. We will be in contact to provide pathology results once they have been assessed and further treatment can be discussed at that point.

Dr Brown can also carry out dog dental veterinarian care in and around Geelong, microchipping and flea treatment for dogs and cats, all in the comfort of your home.