Animal dentist, Geelong

Just as their owners see a dentist on a regular basis to maintain good dental health, pets need to see an animal dentist regularly to ensure they have a healthy, pain-free mouth.

Teeth in all animals, including dogs’ teeth, are at risk of dental problems such as peridontal disease, unerupted or impacted teeth, and even chronic gingivostomatitis which commonly leads to bad breath in dogs and other animals.

Mobile Vet Geelong can carry out preventative treatment at your home, including cleaning dogs teeth. Periodontal disease in dogs is the most common reason for tooth loss in dogs and this can be avoided with regular vet checks and professional cleaning. For cats, it is feline tooth resorption that is the most common cause of tooth loss – this condition affects over 50 percent of cats. Again, regular dental check-ups will alert your veterinarian to any potential problems or concerns so they can be treated as early as possible.

It is quite common for pets to fracture their teeth, either during a trauma such as a fall or being hit by a car, or from chewing bones or toys that are too hard. Rather than losing a functional tooth, we may recommend root canal therapy (endodontics) as a less invasive measure than tooth extraction and as a treatment that will allow your pet to retain functionality without experiencing pain.

For general pet and dog dental care, contact Mobile Vet Geelong for expert advice and treatment, all carried out in the comfort of your own home. Dr Trevor Brown is also able to offer professional vet advice for pet injuries in animals in the Geelong region.