Microchipping by mobile vet, Geelong

When a pet goes missing it is an extremely stressful time. Give your pet the best chance of coming home quickly with microchipping. A microchip will allow a pet’s owner to  be identified with ease and a phone call will let you know your pet is safe and well.

It is still important to make sure your pet has a collar and tag with your current details on it – that way if someone finds your dog wandering the streets they can get in touch with you on the spot. But collars can come loose and tags can fall off. When this happens, microchips are a fail-safe way to identify an animal.

When microchipping dogs, cats and other animals, Dr Trevor Brown will insert a tiny microchip under the animal’s skin. For horses the microchip is inserted in the neck. It is a quick procedure and the animal feels very little discomfort while it is done.

A cat or dog microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and once implanted it lasts a lifetime. The microchip stores details about your pet as well as your contact information in a microchip database. If an animal goes missing and is subsequently found and taken to a vet or other animal welfare organisation, a scan of the animal will reveal the unique microchip code and the relevant contact details, reuniting both pet and owner.

Dr Brown can come to you to microchip dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and many other animals in and around Geelong. Mobile Vet Geelong also provides regular nail clipping for your dog or cat, advice and products for effective flea treatment and tick prevention, and a regular schedule for vaccinations.