Nail clipping and beak/feather trimming, Geelong

Clipping the nails of your dog or cat can be tricky. Animals can become frightened and even aggressive when an owner attempts nail clipping. If you find this too difficult, you may want to consider having it done by the experienced veterinarian at Mobile Vet Geelong.

It is important to keep your pet’s nails trimmed because long nails can cause discomfort to the animal and can even lead to complications including ingrown nails and broken or torn nails. Even posture can be affected if an animal finds it difficult to walk or stand with excessively long nails.

If you have birds as pets or you are farming poultry, it is important that beak trimming and feather trimming is carried out.

Poultry birds such as layer hens and turkeys need to have their beaks trimmed to decrease injuries caused by cannibalism and pecking. When birds our housed in close quarters, such as being locked up in a hen-house over night, there is increased opportunity for aggressive birds in the flock to attempt to harm other birds.

Beak trimming can be carried out at various ages. The most common age for birds to have their beaks trimmed is at five to 10 days old. They can also be trimmed at one-day old, four to six weeks and eight to 12 weeks. Where there has been regrowth, touch up trimming can be done for adult birds.

Pet birds also need to have their beaks trimmed. Just like our fingernails, a bird’s beak continues to grow throughout its life. And just like cutting or filing our nails, a beak needs to be constantly ground down to function properly. By providing your pet bird with items such as wooden perches, cuttlefish pieces and fine shell grit they will be able to keep their beak in good shape.

Don’t try to trim your own bird’s beak. You could harm your pet or injure yourself. A consultation with Mobile Vet Geelong will determine the cause of any beak abnormality and any necessary beak trimming can be carried out on the spot. Birds find beak trimming quite stressful and having it done in the familiar surrounds of their own home decreases the stress they may feel.

Our veterinarian is able to clip your bird’s wings too. Feather trimming or wing clipping can be carried out to assist with training and keeping your bird safe. If you have an indoor bird, restricting its flight can help prevent injuries from ceiling fans or hitting large windows. Clipping can also help with socialising more “energetic” birds such as parrots by making them more manageable and tamer.

Contact Mobile Vet Geelong to have the services of a veterinarian at your home. Do you have other pets such as dogs or cats? We can also carry out microchipping, flea treatment for dogs and cats, vaccinations and even deal with emergency procedures where an animal has been injured or where pet poison help from a Geelong veterinarian is required.