Mobile Vet Geelong

Dr Trevor Brown’s Mobile Vet Geelong has been providing in-home veterinarian services to clients and their pets for more than 25 years. When you need advice or care, Dr Brown is nearly always at the end of the telephone, seven days a week.

Treating an animal when it is in the comfort of familiar surroundings makes the experience a lot less stressful for them, and for the veterinary professional who is examining or treating it. Regular visits with your vet are an essential part of every pet’s life, if only for an annual health check and vaccinations. However a visit to a vet clinic can prove extremely stressful for many pets. Take away any traumatic aspects of a visit with a vet by getting the vet clinic to come to you.

Dr Brown can carry out an extensive range of veterinary procedures and treatments at your home, including desexing and soft tissue surgery. No longer will you need to load your pet into the car and travel to a veterinary clinic for check-ups, vaccinations and other treatments, procedures and advice.

Dr Brown provides veterinarian advice over the phone and treatment of your pet or pets in your own home and their familiar surroundings.

Vet services

  1. Arthritis treatment and geriatric care
  2. Clinical vet pathology
  3. Animal dentist services and care
  4. Animal allergy and dermatology
  5. Pet poison help
  6. Pet injury advice and help
  7. Pet euthanasia
  8. Pet cremation and burial
  9. Microchipping
  10. Nail clipping
  11. Beak and feather trimming
  12. Flea treatment
  13. Tick prevention
  14. Cat and dog worming
  15. Vaccinations.

Surgical services

Veterinarian advice and specialist referrals

Price list

For a professional and caring veterinarian, contact Mobile Vet Geelong. The cost of having Dr Brown come to you is favourably comparable with a visit to a traditional veterinary clinic and is a great deal easier for you and your pet.