Microchipping your Geelong pets

March 3, 2015

Our pets are a huge part of our lives and their importance cannot be underestimated in many cases. Indeed they often become an integral part of our lives and family and as a result you can never be too cautious when it comes to the well-being of any beloved pet. Cats are traditionally nocturnal animals who often like to roam and dogs can be excellent diggers and jumpers, and are very happy to take advantage of an open door or gate to head off for a wander.

A well-fitting collar is an absolute must for any cat or dog. Make sure you check the collar on a regular basis for wear and tear. A collar may be torn or damaged when climbing, digging, playing or even fighting. A regular check will alert you to any problems. It is also important to check the fit of a collar as your dog or cat grows. Is your pet outgrowing it’s collar? While out walking a strong dog might easily break away if the collar is too weak.

Make sure you have all current contact details on the collar and remember to keep them up-to-date. Telephone numbers and addresses change and it’s easy to forget the dog or cat tag when you move or get a new phone.

Apart from a collar and tag, the most important way to ensure a missing pet is safely and swiftly returned to your care is microchipping. A microchip is a tiny and permanent method of electronic identification. The chip is implanted underneath the skin and each has its own number that can be detected using a microchip scanner. In For pets in Geelong, microchipping details are recorded and stored on a central database. Just as with pet tags, it is vital to keep your contact details up-to-date on the database so that you will still be contactable if your dog or cat becomes lost or strays from home.

If your dog, cat or any other pet is not microchipped, contact Mobile Vet Geelong. Dr Trevor Brown can bring his veterinary services to you and microchip your pet at your home.