Monthly Archive: June 2015

Important poisons advice from your vet clinic, Geelong

June 10, 2015 It is extremely distressing to witness your dog suffering from poisoning. It could be that your dog has eaten something he or she shouldn’t have and has ingested a poison, or has come into contact with a toxic substance that may take longer to build-up within the animal’s body before symptoms surface. Some of the...
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Geelong veterinary clinics can now come to you!

June 10, 2015 Many dogs head out for their daily walk straight from the front door of their home and so they don’t need to go in the car. As a result, possibly the only time your dog needs to get in a car is when they are taken to the vet for a check up, yearly vaccination or if...
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Wintry reminder on behalf of Geelong veterinary clinics

June 1, 2015 Wintry weather can make it hard to walk your dog but pets still need exercise and stimulation during the colder months. Winter has officially arrived and with it the temptation to avoid heading outdoors into the cold and rain. Yes, the thought of staying inside in front of the heater is much more appealing than...
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