Wintry reminder on behalf of Geelong veterinary clinics

June 1, 2015
geelong veterinary clinics

Wintry weather can make it hard to walk your dog but pets still need exercise and stimulation during the colder months.

Winter has officially arrived and with it the temptation to avoid heading outdoors into the cold and rain. Yes, the thought of staying inside in front of the heater is much more appealing than rugging up and heading out for a brisk walk with Fido, who’ll probably come home wet, muddy and maybe just a little on the nose. Ahhh, the aroma of wet dog – it’s just one of the reasons winter is one season when Geelong veterinary clinics need to give their clients a friendly reminder about the need for exercise – and not just for their pets – when conditions are far from favourable outdoors.

Like you, animals need exercise and stimulation and there’s no doubt winter is the time of year when you need to stretch your imagination to come up with creative ways to keep your pets entertained and exercised, both mentally and physically.

If it’s too wild and wintry outside, then how about using that time you usually dedicate to a walk to teach your pooch a trick or two, or to work on obedience? All you need is a few minutes at a time, some of your pet’s favourite treats, clear instructions and a little patience. The satisfaction and joy that comes with a well-trained pet is enormous, and obedience also makes your pet a joy to others as well as yourself. Mobile Vet is the traveller among Geelong veterinary clinics and consequently gets to visit clients in their homes and it’s always a pleasure to encounter a pet which has received obedience training and its greeting doesn’t include bouncing, barking and other annoying traits.

Do remember, however, that you can’t spend all winter inside teaching your dog tricks – it will ultimately become bored with the lessons and, just like you need a holiday from the routine of work, your dog needs a break from the backyard or indoors or wherever it spends most of its day. There’s a reason dogs get excited at walk time – there’s a whole word of sights, sounds and smells waiting for them outdoors and every trip out the front gate is like a vacation.

And if that wet dog smell is a problem, well, remember there is a variety of coats available for pets to keep them dry and warm or you might even find an indoor exercise session for pets if you look around.

If you need help with ideas for winter exercise regimes for your pets, or your animals need veterinary attention during the next few cold months, then make sure you contact Mobile Vet Geelong, the choice of Geelong veterinary clinics and the vet who comes to you.