Geelong veterinary clinics can now come to you!

June 10, 2015

Many dogs head out for their daily walk straight from the front door of their home and so they don’t need to go in the car. As a result, possibly the only time your dog needs to get in a car is when they are taken to the vet for a check up, yearly vaccination or if they are sick or injured. This might mean your dog will not be familiar with or happy to go in a car and might start to show signs of fear just by initiating a car trip.

You will know your dog is fearful if they are agitated, trembling, whining and panting. They may attempt to escape or urinate in the car. This is extremely distressing for all concerned and all good pet owners do what they can to minimise any unnecessary distress wherever possible.

Mobile Vet Geelong takes the stress out of a visit with the vet for both you and your pet. Dr Trevor Brown can come directly to your home, bringing with him the equipment and expertise needed to treat your precious pet. When an animal is in the comfort of his or her own home and in familiar surroundings, their stress levels are significantly reduced. This makes them much easier to diagnose and treat any illness or injury.

It is always beneficial to try to get your pets used to necessary activities when they are young. One common example is nail clipping. Most dogs don’t love having their nails clipped and yet it is an important task that needs to be carried out regularly and it is vital to the balance of your dog plus it is critical for an older dog’s long term health. Long nails can actually impede a dog from walking easily and comfortably. Left untrimmed the nails can even curl around in a circle and dig back into the soft pads of your dogs feet. But if you get your dog used to these necessary tasks early on in their lives it will make for much more relaxed grooming sessions as the years go on!

Back to the car ride though! If your dog does not like travelling in a vehicle, remove that stress from the situation by having Dr Trevor Brown bring his services to you. As one of the local Geelong veterinary clinics that comes to you, contact Mobile Vet Geelong when you next need a vet!